Past Research Projects

Natural Environments, Interracial/Interethnic Interactions, and Inclusion of Immigrant Minorities in the U.S., Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany – Drs. Stodolska, Horolets, and Peters

Changes in Food Practices and Dietary Patterns among Mexican Immigrants in the United States – Dr. Stodolska and Maggie Phan

Crime, Physical Activity and Outdoor Recreation among Latino Adolescents – Drs. Stodolska and Shinew, and Juan Carlos Acevedo

Soccer Spectatorship and Identity Discourses among Latino Immigrants – Drs. Stodolska and Tainsky, and Sebastian Burset

Perceived Health Benefits of Urban Proximate and Distant Recreation Lands - Drs. Schneider, Shinew, and Vogel

Environmental Preferences and the Use of Natural Areas for Physical Activity among Racial and Ethnic Minority Residents - Drs. Shinew, Stodolska, and Gobster.

Recreational experiences of Latinos in urban natural environments: Preferences, Benefits, and Constraints – Drs. Stodolska and Shinew

Promoting Health, Well-Being and Education through Major League Baseball’s Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Program – Drs. Tainsky, Stodolska, and Ryan

The Effect of Sport Facilities and Trail Systems on the Use of Green Spaces for Physical Activity among Latino(a) Americans - Drs. Shinew, Stodolska, Santos, Nedovic-Budic, and Zhu.

Increasing Intercultural Understanding between Park Managers and African American and Latino Users of Urban Parks - Drs. Stodolska, Shinew, and Santos.

The Role of Ethnic Enclosure in Social Advancement and Leisure Behavior of Immigrant Groups - Dr. Stodolska

Leisure and Transnational Networks of Temporary Migrants to the U.S. - Drs. Stodolska and Santos

Interracial Interaction Among College Students During Informal Leisure Time - Dr. Shinew

The Impact of the Events of September 11 on Everyday Life of American Muslims / The Effects of Religion and Immigration Process on Leisure Behavior of American Muslims – Drs. Livengood and Stodolska

Sport Participation Among Ethnic and Racial Minority Groups in the Greater Chicago Area - Drs. Stodolska and Alexandris

Impacts of Immigration on Ethnic Identity & Leisure Behavior of Adolescent Immigrants to the United States - Drs. Stodolska and Yi

The Role of Race on the Social Impacts of Community Gardening in St. Louis: Cultivating Community in Diverse Urban Neighborhoods - Drs. Glover and Shinew

Leisure as a Form of Resistance & Its Relationship to Empowerment among African Americans - Drs. Glover and Shinew

Netnography of Sex, Health, and Wellbeing among Older Adults – Drs. Liza Berdychevsky and Galit Nimrod

Impacts of Sexual Risk Taking in Tourism on Health and Wellbeing – Drs. Liza Berdychevsky and Heather Gibson

Understanding Women’s Sexual Behavior in Tourism – Drs. Liza Berdychevsky, Heather Gibson, Yaniv Poria, and Natan Uriely

Contextual Understanding of Sex and Health in Online Depression Communities – Drs. Liza Berdychevsky, Galit Nimrod, Doug Kleiber, and Heather Gibson

Impacts of All‐female Tourist Experiences on Women’s Wellbeing and Identity – Dr. Liza Berdychevsky, Heather Gibson, and Heather Bell