Everybody Move! Supporting Access to Leisure-Time Physical Activity for Individuals with Disability from Racial and Ethnic Minority Backgrounds

Delphine Labbe, Monika Stodolska, Yohai Eisenberg, and Casey Herman In this project, funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Drs. Monika Stodolska and Delphine Labbe, Yohai Eisenberg, and Casey Herman of the University of Illinois at Chicago explore access to and participation in leisure time physical activity (LTPA) for people with intersecting […]

Refugee Experiences, Adaptation, and Coping with the War Trauma through Leisure Among Ukrainian War Refugees in Poland

Monika Stodolska In this research project, funded by the University of Illinois European Union Center, Dr. Monika Stodolska examines the experiences of Ukrainian refugees in Poland, including: how are the refugees adapting to life in Poland, and what is the role of host families in their adaptation process; what is the role of leisure (both […]

Recruitment and Retention of Latinx Graduate Students and Faculty in the Leisure Field: A Call to Action

Jazmin Pazmino, Leslie Camarillo, and Monika Stodolska The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of Latinx graduate students and faculty in leisure studies graduate programs. The objectives of the study are (1) to establish Latinx representation among graduate students in Ph.D.-granting leisure studies programs and to establish Latinx representation among faculty in […]

Sexual Wellbeing and Tailored Sexual Health Education for Older Adults

Liza Berdychevsky, Galit Nimrod, and Wendy Rogers Due to ageist stereotypes, needs of older adults are often neglected by both researchers and healthcare practitioners. The goal of this project is to establish older adults’ needs for sexual health education, to investigate their willingness to adopt technology tools to receive such education, and to develop innovative […]

Combating Systemic Racism in Access to Nature, Open Spaces, and Parks and Recreation Resources

Monika Stodolska, Kimberly Shinew, Corky Emberson, and Elsie Hedgspeth Due to historical and contemporary systemic racism and exclusionary practices, people of color have had unequal opportunities to access natural environments and recreation resources at the community and national levels, making them less likely to obtain the same benefits of nature and recreation as non-Hispanic Whites. […]

Posting Sexually Explicit Materials on Social Media as Leisure

Sohyeon Kim and Liza Berdychevsky People posting sexually explicit materials of themselves online can be a rewarding leisure activity, but it may also involve risks and expose people to sexual violence. However, this practice is still prevalent on social media, such as Twitter and Tumblr. Existing research has focused on penal policy and media coverage […]

Sexual Justice is Social Issue: A Phenomenology of Transgender People’s Views on Sex Leisure and Implications for Sexual Health

Xue Yan and Liza Berdychevsky Unmatched gender identity and sex assigned at birth often expose transgender people to stigmatization, humiliation, loneliness, and marginalization in various life domains, including health care, relationships, sexual expression, and various leisure activities. This mixed methods study (utilizing in-depth interviews and survey methodology) aims to investigate the intersections between sex as […]